A cost-effective alternative to Clearinghouses, our DirectConnect Claims Service leverages Physician Business Solutions unique position of being a billing service and a direct to payer claims submitter.
You can minimize providers claim filing fees (with our “per practice” pricing model)

Our expertise in revenue cycle management is parlayed into the claims review.  Instead of returning all warnings, those that can be fixed without altering the claim are corrected by the medical billing experts at Physician Business Solutions.

Physician Business Solutions DirectConnect Claims Service features:

DirectConnect Claims Service is:

  • 5010 compliant
  • Approved by Medicare and BS in all 50 states and P.R.

Improved Cash Flow via DirectConnect Claims Service

  • Faster turn-around on claims and payments due to our over 100 direct connections to payers
  • Maximize claims accuracy
  • Fully integrated claim scrubber which includes thousands of edit checks; CCI edits, LCD edits and custom edits
  • Leads to fewer denials

EOB’s via DirectConnect Claims Service

  • Direct from payer, so there is a faster receipt time of 835 files
  • Remittance Advice Data Exports in several formats
  • PDF Print remittances that look like the familiar Medicare EOB's
  • 835 file                 
  • CSV

277CA files via DirectConnect Claims Service

  • Direct from payer, so there is a faster response allowing for quicker corrections and re-submissions
  • 277 Response management tool included

Greater Convenience and Service

  • Completed enrollment forms are provided for signature
  • Practice and provider entries are done for our Clients; Clients do not have to configure their account like a Clearinghouse
  • FTP set up included
  • Files are pushed to client site automatically; no logging into a separate website